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Five smoking hot Brazilian Women in Porn


Brazilian women are hailed as some of the hottest in the world. And for a good reason, their large asses, hot temper, and above all, luscious movements are known all over the world. After all, is one of the most searched terms on many free porn sites such as . Their fame in porn is well deserved, as some of the hottest porn actresses ever are from that very nation. Today we’ve undertaken the difficult task of categorizing them and trying to determine the very hottest ones, ones that will leave your breath in your windpipe if they as much as pass by you.

Jennifer Giardini

The first on this list, and by no means the least important is Jennifer Giardini. She loves her face sitting lesbian scenes. She’s quite tall, which gives her an excellent opportunity to dominate girls smaller than her and put them to her whims.

Physically, she has excellent proportions, with both her tits and ass being well above average. Her passion is what truly sets her apart though, as by watching one of her videos you could feel like you’re watching a real, albeit violent, amateur porn video.

-Regina Rizzi

Continuing the trend of sexy, tanned pornstars, Regina Rizzi has one of the hottest asses in porn. She has a sexy voice, which could make any man go from one to 100 within seconds. It’s not like she doesn’t back it up, the busty Brazilian bombshell packs some serious heat.

Her ass, nicely decorated with tan lines, goes exceptionally well with her big tits and plump, slutty lips. Unlike the last entry, this one likes being handled rough, her head shoved down, anal, you name it.

-Jessie Rogers

Jessie doesn’t even look Brazilian; her blonde hair makes her look more American than anything. Despite that, she’s one of the hottest pornstars in the industry with her amazing assets, and her fetish for anal and extremely rough sex bringing her many of her viewers.

-Karlee Grey

 The only pornstar on the list that doesn’t do anything to her bush. Karlee is a sexy woman with an amazing ass and one of the sluttiest faces in porn. Her every inch exudes sexual desire and prowess, and boy does she back it up.