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Unlike in the past when most Brazilian soccer fans were men, more women have joined their male counterparts to cheer their favorite teams. Though men still do not believe that women are in the field for the love of the game, they are slowly beginning to accept this fact.

Here are some hot Brazilian soccer fans you’ll never miss in popular soccer games:

The Samba Girls

The Samba Girls is a group made up of soccer fans that are loved for their ability to liven up the game. The girls-only group is quite exotic and with this, they are always to any country where their Brazil football national team is playing.

You will love the amazing moves of these girls when they are cheering their favorite teams.


Dibblers is a group of football fanatics who came together to fight discrimination by their male counterparts. The women claim to know everything about soccer and that they do not go to the soccer stadiums just for the fun.

According to the founder Roberta Nina Cardoso, the hot Brazilian soccer fans are slowly getting accepted by the men.

Roberta Nina Cardoso

35-year-old Roberta Nina Cardoso is a regular at local stadiums especially when her favorite team Sao Paulo is playing. She has experienced some not-so-friendly scenes while in soccer fields but she is determined to fight to see more women get a place among Brazilian soccer fans.


RenataMendonca is a co-founder of the Dribblers women soccer fans group and is also a fan of Sao Paulo.  According to her, she is well versed with the technicalities of soccer and will know when her team suffers an injustice.

Though most Brazilian soccer fans are always in their best behavior, there are others who will boo the referee and their competitors at the slightest provocation. This is why some of the Brazilian soccer fans are regarded as the worst. The truth is, women are as good as men when it comes to cheering their .favorite football clubs